The word Caviste has always been an incredibly evocative word for me. In French the word ‘Caviste’ roughly translates as Wine Merchant, but in so many ways this undervalues the importance of the Caviste, who is so much more than just a ‘wine merchant’.

The ‘Caviste’ is the place where you will find exciting new wines from undiscovered regions; it is the place where you will be sure to find the very finest wines, at whatever price level; it is the place where ideas about wine, or indeed the almost any topic, can be shared with passionate and knowledgeable staff; it is a place where service is seen as a noble enterprise not a painful afterthought; and it is also a place where you can find the wines for any occasion, from daily drinking to the finest wines of the world.

We are extremely excited about the evolution of Caviste, and are confident that with our talented and enthusiastic staff, wonderful producers and suppliers, great retail outlets and our new, all singing, all dancing website we can capture the spirit of the ‘Caviste’.

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