2018 Scala Ciro Rosso Classico, Italy - Caviste

2019 Scala Ciro Rosso Classico, Italy


The best southern Italian grape you’ve probably never heard of!

Gaglioppo (Ga-li-oppo)

An intense red wine with flavours of cherry, strawberry and a little earthy spiciness this wine is slightly unusual but in a really positive way. Not too heavy, not too light and because the wine is not matured in barrel there’s a lovely acidity which makes it a really food-friendly red. The flavours stand out as does the funky retro label that wouldn’t look out of place at a 1970s Le Mans 24 hour race. You will find the in the Calabria region, which is the toe of Italy’s ‘boot’. We just can’t get enough of this very cool wine! 

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