Italian Fine Wine Dinner

Italian Fine Wine Dinner


Friday 6th October

7.00pm to 10.00 p.m

Caviste Newlyns

No fancy silver service or Milanese dining room, everything here will be about the food and the wines!

Guests are invited to prepare themselves for an amazing journey through Italy’s greatest vineyards, unraveling the mysteries of ancient Latin grapes and travelling across the sea to some of the most extreme climates and highest peaks Italy has to offer! We will also stop in some very traditional regions where it seems time has stood still and whose wines we’ll be compare to those produced only a few hundred miles away but with greater emphasis on technology and marketing.

Dan (Newlyns’ Head Chef) will be preparing a matching menu with a selection of Fine Wines orchestrated by a Sommelier and an Italian Wine Specialist.

It will be a long journey but rest assured all the travel will be down to swirling and lifting your wine glass!

Tickets £70 each to include 4 course meal and tasting wines

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