Caviste Exclusive: Rusden Wines, Barossa

In case you haven’t already encountered Rusden wines, they’re based down in the Barossa Valley, South Australia (about a 90 minute drive north of Adelaide) and home to some of the nation’s finest reds.

You may be familiar with the headline names of Rockford, Penfolds, Yalumba, while Rusden has passed you by. We believe that Rusden is amongst the greatest.

If you like a white with a splash of citrus, passionfruit, and stone fruit then the 2023 Christian Chenin Blanc is for you. An unusual but brilliant wine for the terroir.

Perhaps a dry rose with depth & character, layers of pomegranate, raspberry coulis, and cherry blossom? It has to be 2023 Poco Loco Rose.

But what the Barossa is truly famed for are its bold & beautiful, blockbusting reds.

Step forward: 2022 Ripper Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz & 2021 Black Guts Shiraz. While these bottles pack a punch, they are elevated and complex, with finesse as well as power.

Explore the full range today and discover why these wines are the most eagerly anticipated return of the year!

Barossa Heritage

The Barossa Valley is renowned for its rich winemaking history and unique terroir, and Rusden Wines embraces these qualities with passion and reverence. What sets Rusden apart is its steadfast adherence to traditional winemaking techniques, combined with a deep respect for the land and the fruit it yields.

A Family Tradition

At the heart of Rusden lies a rich family legacy that spans generations.

Founded in 1979 by Dennis and Christine Canute, Rusden remains a true family affair, with son Christian and daughter Hayley, carrying on the tradition today.  All the labels are designed and painted by daughter in law, Amy - and the grandchildren are already helping with the winemaking!

This family bond infuses every aspect of Rusden's winemaking process, from vineyard management to barrel ageing, resulting in wines that are imbued with a sense of heritage and authenticity.

Crafting Excellence

Rusden's commitment to excellence is evident in every bottle, thanks in large part to their meticulous vineyard management practices.

Unlike some producers who rely heavily on machinery and less natural intervention, Rusden takes a hands-on approach to grape growing, with each vine tended to by hand throughout the growing season.

This attention to detail ensures that only the finest fruit makes its way into Rusden's wines, resulting in a level of quality that is truly unparalleled.

Signature Wines

Their portfolio boasts an impressive array of wines, each showcasing the diversity and complexity of the Barossa terroir.

While the powerhouse of the Barossa - Shiraz - remains the cornerstone of their range, featuring in blends (School Days, Ripper Creek, Driftsand) and the standalone Black Guts, they also produce others…

Grenache, Mataro, and Cabernet Sauvignon, form the backbone of any self-respecting South Australian vineyard, but Rusden also grow Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel, Trousseau, and Cinsault.



Rusden Wines stands as a shining example of everything that makes the Barossa Valley great – tradition, quality, and a deep respect for the land. With a commitment to excellence that is second to none, Rusden continues to set the standard for fine wine production in Australia and beyond. Raise a glass to Rusden and toast to the timeless elegance found within each bottle. Cheers!

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