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Caviste Independent Wine Merchant

Welcome to the website of our wine business that is based in Hampshire – in two locations.  Firstly, in Overton, the source of the River Test, historic to the fly fisherman and where our business was founded in 2003 – and also at Newlyns Farmshop, where great food and good wine come naturally together, and is only a minute’s drive from Junction 5 on the M3.  Both shops offer you space to sit down, talk, read, eat – drink coffee, tea and wine, as well as purchase your favourite bottles.

‘Caviste’ (French - silent ‘e’) describes both the place and the person. ‘Le Caviste’ is both the wine shop, where you can expect to find good and interesting wines from known and unexpected places, and also the wine expert (of which we have several) whose knowledge and experience will guide you towards that perfect bottle or selection of wines. Life is an adventure in so many ways, and part of that adventure is the world of flavour.  As we invite you into our world, please let us step into yours.  Not only do we offer well-made accessible wines for daily drinking, but fabulous bottles from winemakers who care deeply about their product, creating wines that require both silence and discussion.   

Welcome to Caviste – enjoy your journey.

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In 1996, Monsieur James LALLIER bought the premises of the House of René BRUN and started his own brand : Champagne René James LALLIER was born. A small family concern crafting Pinot Noir blends from their own 'Grand Cru' vineyards...

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