The Wines of Bulgaria

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bulgarian wine, where centuries-old traditions and modern innovation converge in bottles of exceptional quality and character. Bulgaria boasts a winemaking heritage that dates back thousands of years, yet remains a relative hidden gem, waiting to be discovered.

Experience the rich and storied history of Bulgarian winemaking, where premium, indigenous grape varieties - Mavrud, Melnik, Rubin, Tamianka to name a few - and unique terroirs create wines of unparalleled complexity and depth.

Bulgaria's diverse climate and varied geography provide an ideal canvas for grape growers to create exceptional wines. From the fertile valleys of the Danube River to the sun-drenched slopes of the Thracian Lowlands and the cool mountain vineyards of the Balkan Range, Bulgaria's terroir offers a beautiful range of microclimates and soil types, each contributing to the unique character of its wines.

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