Just In! Kombucha

Real Kombucha - Non-Alcoholic Fermentation at its finest
Smoke House - This kombucha is rich, rounded and full of apple and caramel with a delicate smokey top note. While you notice the tea character more than with the other brews, most would guess they were drinking a light natural cider. As such, it’s best served in a short-stemmed Belgian beer glass, well chilled.
Royal Flush - This kombucha brews with rich notes of rhubarb and gooseberry on the nose, rounding out to white fruits and even a touch of black currant. A delicate floral acidity with a relatively short finish makes Royal Flush quite fresh and bright. Ideal as a celebration drink in place of a champagne, serve in a white wine glass or champagne flute.
Dry Dragon - This kombucha ferments to give delicate citrus notes of grapefruit and sweet lemons, grounded in a definite vegetal, green tea back note and a longer, fuller-bodied, yeasty finish. On the tongue it tastes more acidic as we interpret those initial citric flavours. Great pairing to Thai-style dishes.

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