Lillet Blanc

'What is Lillet?'

This is the question I am being asked a lot since I have put on one of those curious bottles that mentioned 'aperitif made from wine' on the Caviste barrel in Newlyns Farmshop .

Well it is our favourite summer drink in the Gironde, region of Bordeaux. An aperitif we drink on the rocks with a slice of lime or lemon or orange. It's based on dry white wine from Bordeaux, that has been infused with orange peels and exotic plants such as quinine.

It is a golden drink with comfit oranges, ginger and pine trees flavours with a hint of exotic fruits.

It was created in 1887 in Potensac (Graves) and got really famous all around Europe and in America after the 1st World War.

But in America and in England people are more used to it in cocktails, like the very famous Vesper Martini, which Ian Flemming wrote the recipe for Casino Royale in 1953 (Sean Connery will order it twice in the movies).

Back home we also drink a red lillet and a sweet lillet, all very delicious !

It is best kept between 6 and 8 degrees in the refrigirator

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