Seasonal Selections for Easter

As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, it's time to celebrate the arrival of spring with a delightful Easter feast.

What better way to elevate your meal than with the perfect pairings?

Whether you're preparing a classic roast chicken, succulent lamb, a vibrant vegetarian dish, or a vegan creation, finding the perfect wine can elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Here are four delightful wine selections to complement your Easter feast, each perfectly suited to the season and the dish at hand.

Which wine to pair with a succulent roast chicken?

For the classic roast chicken, either a lightly oaked Chardonnay or a crisp and refreshing Chardonnay is the ideal choice.

The Chardonnay, from either the north of Burgundy, or some of the cooler climes in Australia or South Africa, would be perfect. The buttery notes and hints of citrus will beautifully complement the tender meat and savoury herbs of the stuffing, creating a harmonious balance on your palate.

Alternatively, this timeless Easter favourite would be lovely with a Sauvignon Blanc; not an intensely flavoured one from Marlborough, but a softer, gentler one, perhaps a Menetou-Salon from the Loire. Its crispness and delicate flavours would combine delightfully.

Our Suggestions:

2019 IDUN Renaissance Chardonnay
2022 Domaine de Coquin Menetou Salon
2021 Bratanov Symbiose

What wine to serve with rich & flavourful lamb?

As the weather warms and spring arrives, a succulent lamb shank, slowly roasted with a selection of root vegetables, is a must.

To complement the rich, savoury flavours of the lamb, there's two pairings that you can't miss: a spicy, deep, New Zealand Pinot Noir or a classic Claret with a good dose of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tour the New World to pick up a Pinot Noir from Australia, New Zealand, or Chile. Their perfect balance of fruitiness and earthiness complement the rich and succulent meat. Its silky texture and refined tannins won't overshadow the flavour, instead they will enhance its flavours beautifully.

The rich flavours of dark fruits and subtle oak undertones in the Cabernet will stand up to the strong flavours of the lamb; especially if you roast your lamb with a herb crust.

Our Suggestions:

2020 Moorooduc Estate Pinot Noir
2019 Château Puybarbe Gaia
2020 Cantine Povero Maridà Barbera d`Asti

A vegetarian menu? Try these...

Indulge in mushroom risotto topped with grilled asparagus. A seasonal dish combines the earthy tones with a charred crunch, is perfectly balanced and enhanced by a complex white wine with a crisp finish.

Treat yourself to a vibrant and luxurious dining experience with a soft, low-tannin red or an aromatic, textured white.

Step forward Pinot Gris, a world away from the bright and fresh Pinot Grigios of Italy. Layered, rich, to pair with the silky, cheese-topped risotto.

Reds from Beaujolais, are light and a treat slightly chilled. Pick one that's fruity, a touch denser, such as a Morgon with a couple of years in bottle.

2019 Moorooduc Estate Pinot Gris
2020 Château Grange Cochard Morgon 'Cuvée Les Charmes'

What wine to enjoy with a delectable vegan creation?

Choose a vegan dish that's bursting with spice and depth, such as a vegetable tagine. Embrace the flavours of the season with a vibrant wine that can match its complexity and provide a refreshing contrast... that's also vegan.

For a white, we suggest an aromatic Viognier. Richer in texture, velvety on the palate, and packed with flavour, this grape stands up very well to more aromatic, spiced dished.

For the red, something from Lebanon, where bold fruit flavours and earthy undertones will enhance the diverse dish.

2022 Chante Cigale Cicada Blanc
2021 Domaine des Tourelles Vieilles Vignes Cinsault


With these exquisite wine pairings, your Easter weekend is sure to be a culinary delight.

Cheers to a season of new beginnings and unforgettable dining experiences!


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