Torabhaig Isle of Syke Limited Release

Thom Fowler

Torabhaig was built on the Isle of Skye 4 years ago and is the first distillery to be built on the island in 190 years and the second legal distillery. The building itself was converted from the ruins of an abandoned farmstead built with stone from the ruins of the nearby Castle Camus, the building even features an old mill wheel which has been restored and is now powered by the cooling water from the still. They are a great looking distillery that balance modern day innovation with traditional techniques.

The 2017 Legacy Series which is their inaugural release, they explain the style of whisky as “Well-tempered” peat. By well-tempered, they mean that the whisky has a fine balance of taste and structure, while the PPM of the whisky is 55-60 (relatively high levels of peat compared to other distilleries) it is finely integrated in the structure of the whisky. The result is a deep, complex character of bonfire smoke, sea-air salinity followed up by Crème brûlée and light almond nuttiness.

“Soft, sweet, honeyed, fragrantly peaty nose.

Very elegant palate with upfront coal tar, good peat smoke yet soft with an underlying creaminess.

Well balanced finish with coal tar, fragrant peat and honeyed notes continuing.”

Only a few bottles remain - please contact Thom to reserve yours 

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