Gin and Medals

Gin and Medals

Whilst we are always looking into adding new products to our range, it's also very important to look back and follow the progression of wines and spirits we have been selling for some time.

Having been a member of jury myself for wine competitions, I am really curious about the latest results of such events, and always like to see who is performing better and getting the recognition they deserve during International competitions. All the awards given are results of meticulous blind tastings of a panel of expert (Winemaker, Journalist, Sommelier, Merchant, ...) who confronts their opinions only to choose the best of the best.

Thousands of wines and spirits can be tasted on the same day by the expert palate of the jury, as it was the case last month in San Francisco for what is the most famous and respected competition of Spirits in the world : The San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)

Last year competition has seen the Tarquins Navy Strenght 'Sea Dog' best Gin of the show 2017 (on 2000+ spirits confronted).

While the results of 2018 will be published in a few weeks only, we already know that three of our Gins have been given an award :

- Twisting Spirits, Kaffir Lime and Lemon Grass Gin : GOLDEN MEDAL

- Griffiths Brothers Original : SILVER MEDAL

- Griffiths Brothers n.2 : GOLDEN MEDAL

Congratulations to the winners and If you are wondering what they taste like come and join us to a free Gin Tasting this Saturday 5th May in Newlyns Farmshop from 11am to 2pm to taste with Andrew Griffiths those newly awarded Gold and Silver medal Gins !

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