Having supported Salcombe distillery since their early days with their gins, we here at Caviste are very excited to be one of a very few lucky shops to be able to showcase the new batch of ‘Lantern Rock’ Gold Rum.

With the popularity of rum increasing rapidly over the past couple of years, more and more distilleries in the UK are trying their hand the exotic spirit and this is not one to be missed.

To sustain the high quality Salcombe are so famous for this rum has been made in very small batches, with only 750 bottles available coming from a blend of 38L and 95L casks. Gentle fermentation of molasses and un-refined sugar captures deep and rich fruitiness. Distillation is caried out in relatively small copper-pot stills for ultimate control, the rum is then rested in very small oak barrels previously used to age bourbon for 6-12 months. One element that separates this rum from many is the fact that no colourings are used to darken the spirit and no sugars are added after fermentation. The resulting rum gives a very complex and balanced profile.

“This rum is exceptionally smooth with layered complexity. A sweet butterscotch nose is complemented by flavours of warm vanilla, mellow oak and hints of banana with an endearing, light chocolate finish.”

This is a rum to be savoured neat or over ice, however, it will enhance your favourite rum cocktails with a certain sense of quality. Here is what Salcombe suggest Salcombe Stormy

And available to buy HERE

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