Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde - The Ultimate Thrist Quencher

Vinho Verde DOC is found to the north of the river Douro in Portugal in the province of Minho. The translation ‘green wine’ refers to its fresh, often under-ripe, style not its colour which is either red or almost water-white. The white wines produced there are typically light, fresh & fruity often with just a hint of spritz on the tongue. The 40 hectare Quinta da Raza estate is in Celorico de Basto, to the east of the of Vinho Verde region, it has a history going back to the 18th century when the estate reared cattle, had cereal crops & apple orchards as well as vineyards. José Diogo Teixeire Coelho, the current winemaker, is a direct descendant of the original family and has been committed to wine production since he was 17 years old. The estate produces wines from indigenous Portugese grapes including Azal (white & highly acidic), Alvarinho (white, fresh & aromatic), Arinto (white & highly acidic), Padeiro (red & light), Trajadura (white with low acidity) & Vinhão (red, rustic & highly acidic).

Caviste currently stocks three wines from the estate :-

Raza, a lovely light, dry & refreshing white summer wine, a blend of Arinto, Azal & Trajadura with that distinctive Vinho Verde tingle on the tongue.

Arinto, a single white varietal, dry with white stone fruits on the palate but without the the Vinho Verde tingle!

Vinhão, a medium bodied, fruity red wine with obvious tannins complete with the Vinho Verde tingle.


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