The Caviste Jammy Dodger Selection

Mark Bedford

We are pleased to present to you the Caviste Jammy Dodger Selection.  When I was young I had lots of hungry brothers (I still do) and our mother would not let us open a new pot of amazing looking jam until we had finished the existing one which, even though it tasted perfectly good, seemed less attractive than the unopened one.  It is the same with us at Caviste.  We get so terribly excited about new wines that we sometimes forget how good the ones are that we already have in stock.  We do not like the term ‘Bin End’ or ‘Special Offer’ though I guess these wines could be both.  Our Jammy Dodger Selection is a collection of brilliant and tasty wines that have been loved and enjoyed but just slightly forgotten about as we and our customers move onto those exciting new pots of jam – or in our case, bottles of wine.

So this is our offer on all these bottles of wines…

Buy 1 to 5 bottles for 10% discount off list price

Buy 6 to 11 bottles for 20% discount off list price

Buy 12 or more bottles for an amazing 30% discount

And also… if you buy 24 mixed bottles we shall deliver the wine free of charge to any UK mainland address.  February madness indeed.

We are feeling so generous that we urge you to buy now before we think about changing our minds.

Email either Hayley (Overton) or Guillaume (Newlyns) to select your wines – and we shall look after all the detail and delivery.


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