The Ultimate Wine Glasses

It’s a strange thing to be in love with a glass - but once you are smitten, it is difficult to drink your wine and Champagne out of anything else.

We are very excited to have received our largest shipment to date from the small glassblowing factory that is Zalto in Neunagelberg in Lower Austria - but it has been a four month wait while their production has caught up post-Covid.

Those who already share this love will understand...

The glasses are not cheap but they transform and exhibit a wine like no other, and are beautiful to both hold and admire. If (though sadly, when…) you break a Zalto, you will cry - or if your partner breaks one, you contain the angst*. But, bereavement follows and the glass has to be replaced.

A Zalto glass is almost as light as a feather, but is actually surprisingly robust.

The curve of the bowl of each glass in the Zalto range are tilted at 24, 48 and 72 degrees, which correspond to the tilt angles of the Earth.

As the ancient Romans knew, this triumvirate of angles, when used in vessels for food and drink, not only kept its contents fresher, but also improved the taste.

Caviste is one of the few recommended stockists of Zalto glasses, to which we have just added two decanters and one carafe; all with sensational angles and a sheen that both distracts and entices.

Zalto Universal Glass | Zalto Burgundy Glass | Zalto Bordeaux Glass | Zalto White Wine Glass

*Our most important piece of advice to all Zalto customers: Always leave the washing up till the morning after!


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