Twelve Days of Christmas Wines - Twelve: Margaux & Sauternes

Day Twelve: Merry Margaux & Free Sauternes

Margaux & Sauternes, two words that individually promise a certain style and indulgence – but together offer a sense of completeness. 

They describe Bordeaux appellations that produce wines of  irresistible appeal.

Our main relationship with the chateaux of Bordeaux is through Maison Sichel, who are both vineyard owners and négociants, and, having been founded in 1882, have access to the best grapes and wines of the region. 
Both wines have been specially chosen from Sichel’s grand Chateaux. 'Declassified' and released simply under the 'Sichel' brand, these two wines hold an incredible provenance. We don't know which eminent Chateaux made the wines, but we urge you to try them, and discover these for yourself.

Two superb wines that will be a delight to receive as a gift - whether to your father-in-law, your sister or simply to yourself - and will sit beautifully on the dinner table.

Sichel Margaux & Sichel Sauternes Case

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