Twisting Spirits Gin @ Caviste

We had a great time welcoming Mary and Richard last Saturday at Caviste Newlyns. They braved the snow and slippery roads to drive from the Chilterns down to Hampshire and to officialise the launch of their Gin in Hampshire !

While the farm shop wasn't at it's busiest due to the cold weather conditions, all the customers who tried the three Gins thought they were tasting really good, and all had their singularities !

And it was great to see all of them buying either a small or bigger bottle of their favourite :

Earl Grey Gin

Douglas Fir Gin

Lemon Grass and Kaffir Lime Gin

It's quite amazing for a merchant of wine and spirits to see how the same producer can conquer different crowd buy slightly twisting their recipe and putting the best of their skills in the research of the perfect combination.

Richard was amazing explaining their journey in the discovering of how the process of distillation of certain botanical works best at a specific temperature and how the extraction of the same botanical need to be different from one Gin to another to balance the main flavour in the Gin. It reminded me of how a painter decompose a colour in shade of different tones to adjust his art and capture it's audience.

It was also very refreshing to taste the range for me and witness how they have refined the style of the Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass Gin since I first tried it (Thanks guys for offering me the primeur of the sampling back in 2017 ).

Mary and Richard will be back at Caviste newlyns, brand new shop this Summer with a new Gin , in the meantime we have a couple of their Gins to sample in Newlyns and Steve will also host a tasting at 'House Twenty8' on Friday 13th April.

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